Creating a hybrid business model that completes searches faster!

thefirmPierce Consulting Partners was founded in 2002 as a high-end, high-touch boutique retainer search firm primarily focused on serving progressive Financial Technology, Industrial, Professional Services, Retail and Private Equity clients. Our partners have previously worked for at least one of the major global retainer search firms or held a senior executive role. Our focus is to deliver a highly responsive boutique model operating on a 24/7 basis with a recognition that our clients mean everything to us.

Our business model has been rooted in our belief that all partners are hands-on in execution, placing senior people at the critical “front-end” of the search process. We believe this to be a competitive advantage of our model as the discriminating talent pool best responds when senior partners serve as the initial point of contact. All aspects of our searches are conducted exclusively by highly experienced partners in a metric-driven process where the client can participate in and evaluate our progression in a highly transparent and collaborative manner.

Finding talent is no longer driven by in-house databases. Technology has transformed the process of identifying the best executives to a point where it has leveled the playing field for boutique search firms. The critical differentiator for being able to present the top talent centers on inhibitors such as Client Off-Limits and Client Reservations. As a boutique firm focused on accepting fewer clients and achieving a high client repeat rate, Pierce Consulting Partners has the capability of delivering to our clients the broadest selection of the top talent within a highly competitive war for talent. Our motto – “Finding Talent Where Others Can’t Go.”

Company Information

Industry Focus

  • Financial Technology
  • Industrial
  • Professional Services
  • Private Equity
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer
  • Agile Leadership

Strategic Advantage

  • Broadest Access to the Talent Pool
  • Hands-On Partner Execution
  • 90% Client Repeat Rate