We have access to the broadest talent pool

advantageLarger search firms are restricted in their ability to present the broadest top talent because of their client off-limits and candidate reservation restrictions. On average, 30% of a large firm’s talent pool is off-limits for this reason. Additional factors preventing them from presenting the best talent is associated with internal Candidate Reservation Restrictions. The larger the number of clients and searches completed, the fewer sources for talent. Hiring a top boutique search firm is strategically the smarter choice.

We only employ senior partners

We believe that the partner who is awarded the search should actually conduct it! Only our experienced partners ever interact with the talent pool. While this is a more expensive approach for us, we believe that highly discriminating talent responds best when our most senior partners are involved in the “front-end” of introductory calls. And all of our partners have previously worked for at least one global search firm or held a senior executive role within a major corporation.

We only work on two to four searches at a time

A two to four search maximum will guarantee you get the very best attention and quality service.

We communicate with transparency and full disclosure

Our goal is to be highly responsive. We request conducting weekly update calls with the search committee team and share our detailed Status Reports. In addition, we make ourselves available anytime to discuss searches with our clients on a 24/7 basis. This promotes transparency and partnership and directly leads to quicker search completions and without surprises.

Think Strategically When Selecting Your Search Partner

Insist On

  • Fewest off-limits restrictions
  • Broadest access to the executive talent pool
  • Focus on your search
  • Transparency in execution
  • Exclusive partner execution
  • 24/7 availability